21 Withrow at the crossroads!

Please read the petition on preserving 21 Withrow, and PLEASE sign if you agree!

Further information is available on the permanent 21 Withrow tab.

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JUNE 10, 2017, Saturday,

Time to De-clutter and find new treasures.

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Meadowlands Public School Family Fun Night 2017


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Myers Riders Football Club Open House

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One important characteristic of City View and concern identified by City View residents is the alarming way our trees are disappearing!

Perhaps a better understanding of city guidelines and regulations will help us to monitor and be aware of activity in our community to help us preserve our existing trees.

Here is the City of Ottawa’s Infill Tree Conservation Program, as it applies to Infill construction and the regulations concerning existing trees.

or visit:

If you observe events which are not supported by the city position  on trees and infill construction please call By-law at 311  and / or email us at Cityviewassociation@gmail.com

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Report on Trees & Green-space Effects

Here is a very interesting report on how green-space and parks affect people and communities. To see the  full report, please click on PARK PEOPLE or visit their website www.PARKPEOPLE.CA

A few  highlights are:


“Research shows that residents of neighbourhoods with greenery in common spaces are more likely to enjoy stronger ties than those who live surrounded by barren concrete.” – The Trust for Public Land, 2006.

25.6%: Increase in regular exercise when people have access to free public places, like parks

57%: Would select one neighbourhood over another if it were close to parks and open space.

One tree Generates:
$31,250 worth of oxygen
$62,000 worth of air pollution control,
$37,500 worth of water
$31,250 worth of soil erosion control

Cities are where most Canadians choose to live, work and play. Parks are “green engines” that help address nearly every issue cities face from health to food security, from public safety to community cohesion. More than ever, parks are at the center of public life. Park People builds stronger communities by animating and improving parks, placing them at the heart of life in the city. We hope you’ll join us in leading a city park renaissance.


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Notes on the Annual General Meeting

For those who missed the Annual General Meeting:
Councillor Chiarelli spoke about:

  1. SNOW REMOVAL CHANGES: The city has changed from clearing snow after 5cm to 7cm.  If you were not happy with this year’s snow removal, please send a message to: rick.chiarelli@ottawa.ca
  2. RAPID TRANSIT ON BASELINE:.  The busses will travel in the middle lane.
    Details can be found on the City of Ottawa web site. http://ottawa.ca/en/city-hall/public-consultations/transit/baseline-road-rapid-transit-corridor-bayshore-station-heron
  3. 21 WITHROW TAX LEVY: Please Note: The property has NOT been sold.
    Councillor Chiarelli noted that many residents have not voiced their opinion about whether they are in agreement or not.  We can understand those who voted NO.  We would have voted No also because we think that the City of Ottawa owes City View a park.  We have paid a lot of tax dollars to the city and had little in return.  The new infill houses pay a development fee of over $20 000 to the city.  Not a park in sight.  Doug Frobel Park will be redeveloped this year.  That is because it is way past its life cycle.We voted YES for the levy.  This is City View’s last chance to keep some green-space for the future generations.  If this land is developed, we have lost this opportunity forever. $5 a month/ $60 a year is a small price to pay for creating a legacy which will outlive us and preserve the lungs of our neighbourhood.  Because of Infill, we have lost a lot of mature trees.  This is changing the character of City View.

So, IF YOU HAVEN’T VOTED or would like to CHANGE YOUR NO VOTE to YES, you can find a copy of the levy on our website:  www.OurCityView.ca

  1. STUDENT HOUSING: Rick says that he will work on this to bring forward his recommendation to council in thenext few months.  This would mean a licence to rent a room or rooms in your house.  This would help control the growing number of rooming houses in our neighbourhood.

Other City View Community News:

City View Community Association Executive is still looking for a Secretary, Communication/Web Site Director, Traffic/Transportation Director, and Business Liaison Director.  For more information, please email us. cityviewasociation@gmail.com

We are forming a Social Committee to work on our two big social functions:

  1. June 25Strawberry Social for Seniors.  We have applied for a grant from the provincial government.  If the grant comes through, this event will also include a free roast beef dinner.  Others may buy a ticket to also attend.
  2. The second function is: City View celebrates Canada 150 on September 17.
    We will have a photo booth, bouncy castle, wagon rides, horse rides and more.

We need help for these two events. Even an hour of your time will be appreciated.

There are about 18 more of the “Slow Down For Us” signs.  If you would like one, please send us your address and we will drop it off. cityviewasociation@gmail.com

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7 pm Thursday, April 27 A. G. M. Public Meeting

Thursday, April 27, 2017 @ 7 p.m. Annual General Meeting

City View United Church Hall, 6 Epworth Avenue,

Speeding/Traffic: Cst. Sherry Jordan
Doug Frobel Park Update, Splash Pad, Trees, Infill: Rick Chiarelli.

Question Period,
Annual Memberships $10 or  3 Years for $25
50/50 Draw

Click Here for A.G.M. FLYER


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Thank you, THANK You, THANK YOU! for all the amazing support to preserve 21 Withrow. Every day there are more responses delivered via email, Canada Post, as well as hand-delivered forms.

We are glad to hear from all sides, however we are happy to share that so far we have over 96% support in favour of buying 21 Withrow. Please keep those forms coming!

Need a copy of the form?  Click HERE!

If you haven’t already sent in your form,  send an email, mail it, drop it off or call us; we will pick it up.
Together we are saving 21 Withrow Ave and preserve it for our children, grandchildren and future generations!

We are looking forward to working with the city and with sponsoring partners, City View Association and its members to make this 150 Legacy Project a reality!

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Sunday Morning Update

We are glad to report our numbers in support of preserving this piece of Canadian history right here in our neighbourhood are growing. Every form is bringing us closer and closer to our goal.

Take a drive by; take a good look at 21 Withrow. Then imagine what it would look like filled with row houses or low rise apartments. A big piece of our neighbourhood’s character will be taken from us!

Please help us preserve the character of our community and this important, historic green-space by getting your survey in.

We can pick it up or you can email it or drop it off.  Please, let’s keep it going we are doing so well and we want to reach our goal.

Have your say and remember to read the character of the neighbourhood statement and send it back also.

We need to hear from you.
Thanks for your help. Every vote counts.

WANT MORE BACKGROUND INFO?  Scroll down, and click on the Right OR Click on the 2 links below:

Why Support The Levy? Aug 25, 2017

More Than Just A Park – Much More! September 20, 2016

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