7 pm Thursday, April 27 A. G. M. Public Meeting

Thursday, April 27, 2017 @ 7 p.m. Annual General Meeting

City View United Church Hall, 6 Epworth Avenue,

Speeding/Traffic: Cst. Sherry Jordan
Doug Frobel Park Update, Splash Pad, Trees, Infill: Rick Chiarelli.

Question Period,
Annual Memberships $10 or  3 Years for $25
50/50 Draw

Click Here for A.G.M. FLYER


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Thank you, THANK You, THANK YOU! for all the amazing support to preserve 21 Withrow. Every day there are more responses delivered via email, Canada Post, as well as hand-delivered forms.

We are glad to hear from all sides, however we are happy to share that so far we have over 96% support in favour of buying 21 Withrow. Please keep those forms coming!

Need a copy of the form?  Click HERE!

If you haven’t already sent in your form,  send an email, mail it, drop it off or call us; we will pick it up.
Together we are saving 21 Withrow Ave and preserve it for our children, grandchildren and future generations!

We are looking forward to working with the city and with sponsoring partners, City View Association and its members to make this 150 Legacy Project a reality!

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Sunday Morning Update

We are glad to report our numbers in support of preserving this piece of Canadian history right here in our neighbourhood are growing. Every form is bringing us closer and closer to our goal.

Take a drive by; take a good look at 21 Withrow. Then imagine what it would look like filled with row houses or low rise apartments. A big piece of our neighbourhood’s character will be taken from us!

Please help us preserve the character of our community and this important, historic green-space by getting your survey in.

We can pick it up or you can email it or drop it off.  Please, let’s keep it going we are doing so well and we want to reach our goal.

Have your say and remember to read the character of the neighbourhood statement and send it back also.

We need to hear from you.
Thanks for your help. Every vote counts.

WANT MORE BACKGROUND INFO?  Scroll down, and click on the Right OR Click on the 2 links below:

Why Support The Levy? Aug 25, 2017

More Than Just A Park – Much More! September 20, 2016

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C.V.C.A. Neighbourhood flyers are now being delivered to community mailboxes and are being returned to our Community Association. We are happy to say that we are getting a favourable response and signed levy forms are coming back in.
Please think about this and call us if you have any further questions.  We want to hear from you.

We are moving toward creating an important legacy in mid-town Ottawa.
Thank you for helping to save 21 Withrow Ave for present and future generations!

And thank you for helping us to define the character of our City View community.

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This is an update to follow up with our Levy Survey.  We are excited to say that we are getting a very positive response but we still need more to reach our goal.

If you haven’t already downloaded and sent us your response to the Levy Survey and the Character of our Neighbourhood statement, please watch as they will be in your mailboxes in the next few days.

Your response will accomplish one or two of the most important things you do for your community. You may pledge your support for the acquisition of 21 Withrow Avenue to save green-space and at the same time you may help us to establish what we want our community to look like in the future.

Let’s go City View!

If you can’t wait for the Survey in your mailbox: Click Here.
Watch for the next update, coming soon.

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Dear residents of our City View Neighborhood:  Your input is needed. 

A flyer is ATTACHED HERE  and more surveys will be available soon,  on the side of a mailbox near you.

This survey is from the executive of the City View Community Association (C.V.C.A), who are working to represent your best interests.  We are contacting you regarding two urgent issues and are requesting your input.

1: Preservation of green space at 21 Withrow Avenue.

The large lot and designated heritage home at 21 Withrow is currently for sale and a conditional offer has been received.  It is likely that a developer will seek variances or zoning changes to permit very high density housing units.   In cooperation with Councillor Chiarelli, the C.V.C.A. has been seeking an alternate outcome that would see the City purchase the property for use as a park and community building.  However, Councillor Chiarelli will only move forward on that proposal if the majority of households in City View indicate support for a possible $5 per month property tax levy over a 10-year time-frame.  The C.V.C.A. encourages your support for this proposed levy for the following reasons:

  • This is the last possible location for a park in City View.  We already have the lowest ratio of parkland per household in Ottawa, and this situation will worsen significantly with further housing in-fill.
  • We feel that the quality of the community would be improved by a park, or eroded by the inevitable alternative (i.e. more homes and less green space). The difference between these alternatives could easily affect the value of our homes enough to compensate for the levy.
  • This is your chance to leave a permanent legacy for future generations, to preserve one of the oldest farm houses in the city and its gorgeous grounds from development.

2: Defining the Character of our Neighbourhood.

Our neighborhood is changing rapidly.   Each new infill proposal requires approval by the Committee of Adjustment (CoA). The CoA considers the concerns of neighbors, and how a new development affects the neighborhood character.  It welcomes a clear and succinct definition of neighborhood character that is supported by the community.  Without this, it is difficult for the C. of A. to see past the narrowly-defined proposals submitted by developers.   On the back of this page we have written a short paragraph that defines our neighborhood.  With your approval, this paragraph will help to guide the CoA when it considers minor variances in City View.

For us to move forward on each proposal (or not), we require that City View households affirm their agreement.  The proposals are summarized on the back of this page. Please respond in one of the following ways:

  • By returning this form directly to a C.V.C.A. representative who may have called on you in person
  • By mail or drop-off to 95 St Claire Avenue, K2G 2A7.
  • By email to: CityViewAssociation@gmail.com

Questions? /Or Form Pick Up     (613)3146555 or (613)727-9410

1: Preservation of green space at 21 Withrow Avenue:

In order to get funding from the City of Ottawa towards the purchase of 21 Withrow Avenue, Councillor Chiarelli has stated we must prove our community support. He has suggested a possible tax levy of $5 a month for a maximum of 10 years. Similar levies are being paid by residents of Alta Vista and Kanata North for community projects.

If we demonstrate our grassroots support the city (Councillor Chiarelli) said they will support the purchase of 21 Withrow. Once we have city backing the provincial and federal governments will then consider additional funding. *A Neighbourhood Park increases property values and the desirability of an entire neighbourhood.

Yes, I / We agree to a possible $5 a month levy on my/our tax bill for a maximum of ten years, to assist in the purchase of 21 Withrow Avenue.

Name (please print) ______________________________




Signature: ________________________________


2: Defining the Character of our City View Neighborhood:

City View is a neighborhood of single-family homes with a very diverse feel; every street has old and some newer homes. The sizes can range from small and quaint to very large and elaborate with many architectural styles and influences. The relatively low density of housing gives the neighborhood a peaceful, un-crowded feeling. An abundance of mature trees, large yards, gardens (both flower and vegetable),and diverse landscape features provide aesthetic variety as well as homes and refuge for birds and wildlife.  Many residents place a high value on these characteristics, and, regardless of what type of home they live in, would be reluctant to see City View developed into a neighborhood of homogeneous, closely-abutted houses, with little open space and few mature trees. “

I/we, (agree/disagree) ___________________ that the above statement accurately describes the neighborhood of City View in which I/we live.

Name (please print)__________________________________




Signature: ________________________________

The C.V.C.A. welcomes any comments, questions and suggestions you may have

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Skating Rink Notice

This notice is to advise you that no more work will be attempted on the large outfield rink at Doug Frobel Park.

Please enjoy the small puddle rink on the basketball court behind the Nepean Museum at 16 Rowley Avenue.

Your C.V.C.A. Executive.

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UPDATE: Puddle Rink On: Volunteers Needed


The outside water source has been turned back on by the city.

Flooding is underway on the puddle rink behind the Nepean Museum at 16 Rowley Avenue. We need volunteers to help. If you can spare even one hour to help build and maintain our skating rink, please EMAIL CityViewAssociation@gmail.com

No experience necessary.

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Copeland Park C.A. opposed to Baseline Transit Corridor


Click on the link above to see the entire CBC news post.

Baseline Road rapid transit corridor traveling towards opposition

13.8-kilometre transit corridor requires the partial expropriation of more than 200 properties

Marjorie Shaver-Jones, President of the Copeland Park Community Association is concerned the planning and environmental assessment study on the project will be rubber-stamped by the Transportation Committee at its February 1 meeting.

“The current proposed project isn’t the best the city can offer and we’d like something better. We think that the dollars can be spent much more wisely to create a much more user-friendly bus system that is an improvement on Baseline Road,” she said.

One sticking point is the city’s plan to place bus stops at medians instead of curbside pickup.



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Holiday Get Together Tuesday December 27, 2016

On TUESDAY, DECEMBER 27 at 1pm, 

City View Community Association is sponsoring a 


behind the Nepean Museum, in the parking lot.





From your 

City View Community Association Executive


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