City View Community Association Executive is made up of local, resident, professional people. Most of us are retired professionals and some of us are parents with young children.  We are giving our time to help make our community a better place to live. For our Councillor to suggest that we are vigilantes sneaking out at night to flood a rink is terribly insulting and certainly not helpful…
At a breakfast Executive meeting on Monday, October 3, 2016, during a discussion about the outdoor rink he said “go ahead and flood the outfield, but do not touch the infield.”
He was asked to repeat this due to the past history on this issue and he did. Six executive present heard Councillor Rick Chiarelli say that we could use the outfield and we definitely did not “misunderstand his words.’ His words were clear and precise. We left excited and looking forward to making progress with the issue of sharing the facilities at Doug Frobel Park.
On Saturday, December 17, the Skating Rink Team of resident volunteers of City View got together to begin building the rink.  When they arrived, they saw that the snow plow had pushed the snow from the parking lot onto the basketball court. They had rented a roller from Home Depot and had a team ready to build a rink.
That evening, Councillor Rick Chiarelli was messaged that the Outfield was being flooded.
He did not respond to the message.
On Tuesday, December 20, 2016, we were served with a cease and desist order” which was hand delivered from the city. The reason was that we  “did not have permission to use the outfield” and “a rink on the outfield would destroy the grass in Doug Frobel Ball Park”
It is interesting to note that the Kin Ross  Baseball field, another Class A ball diamond in Barrhaven, has a skating rink on the outfield.

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