Dr. Roger Property, 21 Withrow News:

We continue to move forward with our exploration of funding to purchase 21 Withrow Avenue. Your executive is actively pursuing new avenues of possible revenue. In addition, we are exploring an expanded vision as a heritage, cultural center with uses beyond the normal scope of a community park.   At this time, we cannot share our progress, but we hope to have more news we can share with you soon.
In the meantime, our ongoing and fallback position is to continue our door to door canvass of City View residents. We are asking taxpayers to sign a one time levy of $5 a month ($60 a year, for 10 years) to show our commitment to acquiring the 21 Withrow Avenue property for a cultural heritage center, community green-space, and city use.
City support determines eligibility for support from provincial and federal governments and we are then also eligible for funding from other agencies. We are hoping to get 60% of residents to sign this pledge form, although it may never be put into effect. The proposed levy depends on our other fundraising efforts and if we are successful in purchasing this property.
In short, this pledge form from residents IS CRUCIAL and an important STEPPING STONE.
THANK YOU to those who have already completed the form and those who have gone door to door.
If you are able to help with this effort to knock on 1130 homes, it will be greatly appreciated. Any help will greatly reduce our workload! If you would do just a few houses on your street, or any street, please come to 100 Rita to pick up pledge forms in the mailbox. If you need blank forms delivered to you, please email Cityviewassociation@gmail.com and we will deliver them.

Other City View News:

1. Update on 106 Chippewa: The Committee of Adjustment hearing on Wednesday, August 3 was deferred to Wednesday, September 7, at 6:30pm, at Ben Franklin Place. The Committee wanted the developer to meet with the Community Association.  The C.V.C.A. Executive is arranging to meet with them.  This is primarily over the issue of the precedence of building three houses on a 125 ft lot.

2. Committee of Adjustment hearing on Wednesday, August 17 at 6:30pm at Ben Franklin Place.  This is for 10, (12) Granton Avenue.  The owner proposes to construct a two storey house on the westerly two lots.  The existing dwelling on the easterly two lots (25 feet each) will remain.
The Minor Variance request is to permit at 10 Granton: a reduced lot width of 15.36 m whereas the By-law requires a minimum of 19.5 m.   The lot area would only be 443 sq m whereas the By-Law requires a minimum of 600 sq m.
The Minor Variance request is also to permit at 12 Granton: lot width of 15.36 m and a lot area of 446 sq m.
We welcome your comments to help guide our position and response. Drop us a line to Cityviewassociation@gmail.com
These are public hearings.  All are welcome.

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