New Tree Planting in City View & Ryan Farm

Check out the dozens of beautiful new trees that were just planted at Elizabeth Wynn Wood School and the City View Park. The CVCA applied for the School Yard Tree Planting Grant last May and we were successful. As part of this program our community is now responsible to care for over 27 new ‘school’ trees for the next several years. This mostly entails regular watering. Our tree team has set up a system to access the school water outlet and using a water barrel and Fred’s tractor, the water will be taken to the trees. Then, the trees have gator bags that need to be filled with water regularly for a slow drip. If you wish to become involved contact us, or if you are in the park and see our helpers watering, please say hello and offer your assistance. It is a slow and tedious job. WE NEED YOUR HELP! These trees have been planted for your enjoyment – and for beautifying and cooling your neighbourhood.

The new trees at City View Park, Ryan Farm Park  and the Nepean Museum are from a different grant, and the City will be maintaining them.

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