Template Letter for 75 Granton Re-Zoning

To: Kathy.rygus@ottawa.ca
CC: cityviewassociation@gmail.com

Subject: Objection to 75 Granton Ave, D02-02-21-0048

I am writing to express my objections to the proposed zoning changes for 75 Granton Ave, D02-02-21-0048.

My concerns as a resident of Ottawa are as follows:

  1. City View’s aging infrastructure cannot handle intensification (ie. no storm sewers) Any further development must include plans to upgrade the current infrastructure.
  2. Dangerous Precedent: If this is approved, this would encourage more developers to build multi-dwellings without any consideration to how this is changing the community: the loss of the tree canopy, increased traffic in a community without existing traffic calming. 
  3. No green space for increasing this population. City View has one of the lowest park ratios in the city, this will only increase this issue as there is a lack of yard space in the proposal.
  4. Property has a tree of distinction that provides character to the neighbourhood. The proposal seeks to remove it and does not include replanting measures.
  5. Parking is an issue. City View is not a walkable neighbourhood as there are no sidewalks, paths or well maintained streets. Not allocating enough parking affects the entire neighbourhood as it will choke up streets with parked cars.
  6. Intensification does not equate to affordable housing. There are no measures in place to ensure that it will be affordable.
  7. This proposal is connected to Jack Stirling who is involved in the integrity commissioner’s findings of Councillor Jan Harder.

Thank you,


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