If you live in City View, decisions and plans will be taken  tonight which will affect the desirability and future enjoyment of your property.
If you live in any neighbouring community, what is decided at 9 Rossland Avenue tonight will have an impact on future opportunities for you.
If you live in Ottawa, you may have another exciting place to visit and bring visitors to Ottawa.
7:30 pm 9 Rossland Avenue is the place to be.
You will have a chance to listen, voice your opinion and cast your vote.
Be informed and make your decision!
WE CONSULT! We need to hear your voice.
In the meantime, here are a few facts I call “Parkette Math”.
You should know Ottawa’s policy on green-space is for every 300 homes, there should be 1 hectare of green-space or 2.4 acres.
There are 4 park classifications and by city definition, City View has only 2 parkettes and a strip on Bassano which is not even a parkette according to its size.
City View has approximately 1200 homes.
We should have about 40,000 sq.m. or  (10 acres) total green-space.
A PARKETTE has 4-12 thousand sq. m. (1 – 2.9 acres)
Doug Frobel Parkette= 6350 sq.m.     (1.6 acres)
City View Parkette = 4254.3 sq.m.    (1.0 acre)
Bassano: Withrow-Rossland Strip = 878 sq. m. (0.2 acre)
So CITY VIEW has in total 11054 sq. m. of parkland/ green-space.
Or 2.8 acres  which is about 28% of the green space needed for 1200 + homes!

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