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Contact 311 immediately and report it. Be sure to obtain a reference number. Then call the CVCA at  613-314-6555 with the reference number; they will call the appropriate Forestry Services personnel to come and investigate right away. The reference number is important for tallying information, noting locations and actions, and tracking resolutions.

Participate in the Ecology Ottawa tree giveaway campaign

The CVCA and Ecology Ottawa will be co-hosting a free tree give-away program for people who want to plant trees on their properties. These are saplings so they are quite small, and you will need to plant and maintain them yourself. The available species will be varied, perhaps up to 20, with a mix of deciduous and coniferous, and will include local native ones. More than one tree can be available. If you have questions about favorable site location(s), planting and maintenance information, as well as how big your tree will grow and how long it might take, we will be there to help. Details to be posted soon.

Apply for the City’s Trees in Trust program

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Take part in the “Tree Watch” program

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 Join the CVCA Tree Committee

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Encourage your neighbours

In addition to planting trees on your property,  you can encourage your neighbors to plant on theirs. Tell them about our website and newsletters. 

This depends on the type of tree you want to plant, its size at maturity, and how long it takes to  get there. You can also think of the function you want it to serve.  Below are some links on some tips on planting a tree on your property.

The City of Ottawa “Trees in Trust” program has street trees available for planting on the City’s right-of-way by request on a first come, first served basis. If your City-owned street frontage lacks a tree and you have the time and commitment to help care for one, this program may apply.  Call 311 and ask to participate in the program. The request will go to the Forestry Inspector for our area, who will then leave you the appropriate forms, if the site can support a tree.  More information on the program and eligibility criteria can be found at:

You can check out the Ottawa Geo website that will give you an idea of your property lines in order to help where to plant a tree:


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