Tree Committee

Protecting City View's Tree Canopy

Trees are an important part of City View. Our community has beautiful and impressive trees which were planted decades ago. Our trees are providing numerous health benefits and environment services.

However, our tree canopy is under threat primarily due to removal for infill developments but also natural aging and severe weather incidents. We must act now to protect and renew our existing tree canopy to ensure that we and our children can all enjoy it and its many benefits for years to come. 

The City View Community Association (CVCA) has formed a Tree Committee to address these concerns as well as develop a strategy for the protection of existing trees and planting new ones for the future livability of our community.  This webpage provides an update on CVCA Tree Committee activities and to share practical tree resources for our residents.

Call for volunteers

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Suspect illegal tree removal?

Contact 311 immediately and report it. Be sure to obtain a reference number. Then call the CVCA at 613-314-6555 with the reference number.

Our vision is

“To enhance the livability of the City View community by protecting and renewing the urban tree canopy.” 


  • To create awareness of the health benefits and environmental services that trees provide;
  • To embrace opportunities to increase the quality and quantity of tree canopy coverage on available public and private property;
  • To protect the existing tree canopy by working with developers, current residents and the City to  recognize the importance of trees and to ensure compliance with the new Tree Protection Bylaw;
  • To encourage planting new trees on private property, with special attention to new builds and street frontages.

Current Activities

  • Developing a “Tree Watch” program to help protect the current tree canopy and ensure compliance of the new Tree Protection Bylaw (By-law-2020-340);
  • Encouraging residents to participate in the City’s Trees in Trust program;
  • Promoting community participation in Ecology Ottawa’s free tree giveaway event.   
  • Working with the City to determine the extent of city-owned property and possible participation in relevant tree-planting programs. 
  • Developing communication material for the CVCA website and newsletter and Facebook to create awareness and information about the importance of trees,  and to provide resources for residents who want to plant and care for trees.


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