Update on 75 Granton Re-Zoning

At the request of the City View Community Association (CVCA), a public consultation on 75 Granton was hosted by the Councillor’s office on July 14. Roughly 100 participants took part in the meeting and although informative, the Developer’s and City response was not encouraging but it is not over yet. We have to continue our collective work in preparation for the most important planning committee meeting in September where the committee will decide on a recommendation to City Council. 

The Planning Committee Meeting is tentatively set for Sept. 9, 2021. A meeting notice will be sent by the City a week prior to this meeting. In this notice, information will be provided for community members to register to present (5 minutes) at the planning committee or to send in a written submission one week prior. This is a different audience than City planner Kathy Rygus. If you intend to register, we highly encourage you to begin drafting your 5 minute “speech” or written submission on why this re-zoning should not be approved.  

Preparation of your submission is very important. It was stated in the public consultation that we have to show how this development goes against the City’s Official Plan and/or the Provincial Policy Statement. We can do this! We need to be clear and concise about this part. It is better if it is in your own words and/or can be the same submission sent to Kathy Rygus. If you need any help please ask us, the CVCA is here to assist in any way we can. Email us at cityviewassociation@gmail.com 

This is where we have power in numbers. Imagine if 50 people register to speak – it will certainly make the committee sit up and take notice. 

What can you do?

  1. Register to speak at the committee meeting or submit a written submission (information will be distributed for registration once we receive it)
  2. Continue to send Kathy Rygus, Development Review Planner, your thoughts on the proposal (click here for contact information and template)
  3. Sign the petition
  4. Spread the word


Members of the Planning Committee 
  • Councillor Glen Gower (Co-Chair)
  • Councillor Scott Moffatt (Co-Chair)
  • Councillor Laura Dudas 
  • Councillor Tim Tierney 
  • Councillor Jeff Leiper 
  • Councillor Riley Brockington 
  • Councillor Allan Hubley 
  • Councillor Catherine Kitts 
  • Councillor Jenna Sudds 
  • Councillor Jean Cloutier 
  • Councillor Shawn Menard

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