According to the City of Ottawa, parks and pathways play a key role in enhancing the quality of life of city residents. They contribute to their physical and psychological health, enhance civic pride, and strengthen local identity. They support the green-space network, enhance the City’s natural beauty, and promote active transportation. The City of Ottawa strives to provide new and growing communities with excellent parks and pathways that meet the active and passive recreational needs of residents.
City View Community Association agrees. For years, our community has considered the need for green space as a major priority. The City understands the importance of parkland and open space to a community, and they are incorporated into new developments before they are even built.
There is a Provincial stipulation that 5% of all development must be reserved for park space, and The City’s Official Plan sets a target of 4.0 ha of total green-space (i.e., natural land and open space and leisure land) for every 1000 residents. The City’s policy on green-space is 1 hectare of green-space (2.4 acres for every 300 homes).
The City agrees that our area lacks parkland. The city and provincial policies for intensification have encouraged the infill of larger homes on smaller lots, which has further changed our community’s street-scape, lessening the feel of spaciousness and open space. However, there is little undeveloped land available as our neighbourhood was planned in the 1920’s and is surrounded by major roads (Merivale and Baseline) with ever increasing traffic. This is in a community where there is no available green-space.
Recently, the Roger’s property at 21 Withrow Avenue has been listed for sale for $2.4M – a heritage stone home, built in 1842, on a 2 acre lot, in the center of City View. Many members of the community consider this a golden opportunity as it is a perfect property for a community park and  so much more. We believe that the property should be purchased in partnership with the City for green space and as a Historic Center to promote Peace, Reconciliation and the Canadian tradition of helping others.
In order to make this happen, we have been advised that our community needs to show its commitment to the City by raising a portion of the funds to purchase the property. Our councilor, Rich Chiarelli, has committed to champion a proposal to city council to buy 21 Withrow Avenue if we raise at least $500k towards the purchase price.
Therefore, City View taxpayers are being asked to agree to a one time levy of a maximum of $5 a month ($60 a year, for 10 years) to assist in the purchase of the 21 Withrow Avenue property for community green-space, cultural heritage and city use. We need 50% of the homes in City View to agree to this levy. Of course, if council does not approve the purchase, there will be no levy, and unless we find other means, no park and no historic legacy center.
Any park increases the desirability of a neighbourhood and increases the resale value of your home.
City View Community Association Executive is actively seeking external funding to minimize any extra costs beyond the required purchase price.
We envision a community where people can come to discuss mutual issues, to promote peace and understanding; where seniors can sit in a park, and where parents can bring their children and grand-children.
When Rick Chiarelli comes to your door, please support the levy.  The property owners, who have already signed a levy support form with the community association, still must register their support with Rick Chiarelli.
Your City View Community Association welcomes your support.

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