IS TRAFFIC A CONCERN?  Come and share your views and learn about the progress your Community Association is making on this and other local issues.

Sue Wright and Kyle Carson, City of Ottawa, Area Traffic Management will make a short presentation and listen to your concerns.
Hear about boarding house issues in our neighbourhood and steps to address this as well as the progress for a skating rink at Doug Frobel Park. You will also learn about a city meeting at Ben Franklin Place that was held on Crest View Pool and only 35 people attended.
Do YOU live in City View?
The  actual boundaries of City View extend from Merivale Road in the east, to Baseline and Meadowlands and includes the area also known as “St Claire Gardens” as well as a few other local streets, like Harris and David, all the way to Woodroffe Avenue. This takes in Indian and Algonquin College field but also included are parts of City View streets that ‎extend past Indian but are not a part of Ryan Farm
Our Community Association is working with the city to erect  attractive signs at key entrance points to clearly mark our boundaries. City View is bigger and older than you may think!
Join us and speak with Rick Chiarelli, our city councillor 
on MONDAY, November 9, 2015, 7 to 9 pm.

All are Welcome. We hope to see you there!

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