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Help Keep city view safe campaign

We need your help. Through our Traffic Calming Survey, we heard the collective concerns regarding safety in City View. We are working with the City on a traffic calming plan, but it is not enough. As a community, we need to do our own individual parts to Help Keep City View Safe. Throughout the summer, we’ll be sharing a series of awareness communications as well as handing out posters and signs while stressing the importance of reporting. We hope our efforts will add greater support to our asks from the City.

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Key issues

Based on the feedback we received through the Traffic Calming Survey, these are the main issues City View is experiencing:

  • Speeding
  • Rolling stops
  • Lack of stop signs
  • Visibility issues
  • Poor signage
  • Traffic cut through, including large trucks and commercial vehicles
  • Pedestrian safety and road conditions
  • Rules of the road confusion with pedestrians and cyclists

Our Asks based on your feedback


  • Community Gateway Signs at all entrances.
  • Increased signage and Slow Down Yard Signs.
  • 4 way stop sign and increased traffic calming  including flex stakes around Doug Frobel Park. 
  • Repaint speed limit on roads.
  • Pruning bushes that impact site-lines.
  • Police presence on high-traffic streets.
  • Enforcement to stop trucks cutting through neighborhood.
  • Parking restrictions near Doug Frobel Park.
  • “No U-Turn” sign at Granton and Cordova.
  • Additional Speed Boards.


  • More stop signs, particularly the North-South streets that you can travel from Baseline to Lotta without any stop signs (.5 km stretch at all of our North-South roads).
  • Convert 2-way stops to 4-way stops.
  • No turning from Baseline into neighborhood at peak times/similar to Belair Heights on North side of Baseline.


  • Widening of street paving to provide additional walking/cycling space.
  • Extending sidewalks on Cordova to connect with sidewalks on Indian Rd.
  • Construction of sidewalks on blocks close to main roads to assist in alleviating traffic problems closer to Merivale/Clyde.
  • Construction of sidewalks on north/south routes adjacent to Baseline Road to encourage use of public transit.
  • Closed streets/blocks or one way designations to discourage cut through traffic. 
  • Reduce speeds to 30 km

News & Updates

Advocating For Our Schools

Thanks to some concerned parents, your CVCA and the Councillor’s office won a small battle to keep our kids traveling to Meadowlands Public School safer

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Report traffic complaints

Have you witnessed dangerous behaviour on the road such as speeding or distracted driving? Or do you know of an intersection where motorists routinely ignore the stop sign or run the red light? If so, Ottawa Police Service would like you to make a traffic complaint using their online reporting system.

It’s important to file complaints for the betterment of the community.

Traffic complaints provide police with an accurate understanding of what is happening in the neighbourhood. Data collected is used to better direct resources towards proactive policing measures to enhance safety for road users.

In addition, if you provide details of a specific traffic violation, police can follow up by mailing a Traffic Complaint warning letter to the vehicle’s registered owner. If someone receives two or more complaints within a year, an officer will contact them to discuss the traffic safety issues being cited in the letters.

Specific complaints require as much information as possible, including the date and time of the incident, location and direction of travel, a description of the driver and of the vehicle, including licence plate. You will also have to provide your name, address, phone number and date of birth; however, this information remains confidential, and will not be shared with the subject of the complaint.

If any incident is an emergency and needs immediate police response, please call 911.


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