Kilmorie Levy vote results

The results are in for the Kilmorie/21 Withrow Levy vote:
YES      199
NO        1298
Blank         7
Spoiled   12

Many of us who have worked hard for this are of course disappointed to see this result.  However we would still like to hear constructive input from anyone, regardless of how you voted.   Do you still feel the need for wooded parkland within the community?  How should revenue collected from infill be used?  Would you still want a community centre, as many other communities have?  

Note that comments on this site are disabled due to spam, but comments are always welcome to our community association email:

It seems we may have lost our final opportunity to save this pristine heritage property and urban forest. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have owned this 2.2 acres with its 175 yr old stone house and 100 plus mature trees?  

But let’s move forward as a community, and perhaps there will be a future opportunity to create a park and community centre.

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